Rental. Consulting. Mounting. Transport

These are the main DAVTRAX services. Our specialists offer free advice for any type of project, so that the chosen solution represents the best option of costs and time for you, but also ensure the greatest safety in operation. From consulting to transport, to mounting, dismantling and cleaning after use, we offer complete services through specialized teams.

What is and especially what is not a temporary road?

The temporary road is not a luxury, but a necessity in the conditions of safe, fast and maximum efficiency access in short-term projects, for any outdoor event and in any field.

Mobile access routes and temporary roads built with DAVTRAX products respond to a wide range of needs:

  • pedestrian roads
  • parking
  • storage surfaces
  • car access and heavy machinery
  • cranes on construction sites
  • acces probe if wind turbine
  • working platforms in wetlands, sandy or hard-to-reach, guaranteeing great stability in the operation of any type of vehicle or equipment.
  1. Rental

Each project is unique and important.

That’s why, whether we’re talking about infrastructure solutions or events, DAVTRAX specialists can help you achieve your goal for a successful project.

Renting any type of DAVTRAX panels can be done in the shortest time, directly from existing stocks.

Moreover, with DAVTRAX transportation, assembly and dismantling are worries that you can forget.

Upon request, we also offer additional service packages, such as: transportation, cleaning after use, personal training, installation and dismantling assistance.

2. Consulting

We all want any work or project to be done according to plan and budget.

But success is guaranteed only when we take into account unforeseen situations, such as the weather and quality of the land in the site, the work area, the weight of the machines, access to locations or temporary parking. For all this, DAVTRAX offers free consulting. All the information you need is a phone call or a remote mail.


DAVTRAX boards have been designed so that they can be mounted and dismantled in the simplest and fastest way, while ensuring flexible use for several types of projects.

The panels have a service life of up to 15 years, under conditions of use according to the specifications.

Made of high-density polyethylene, recycled and 100% recyclable, DAVTRAX boards have a robust but also highly reliable structure.

Mobile access routes and temporary roads built with DAVTRAX products can be mounted on any terrain thus responding to a wide range of needs. DAVTRAX assembly teams can ensure, depending on the product, the installation, dismantling and loading in optimal time of mobile access paths and temporary roads, with the help of their own machines.


Can transportation be simple? Yes, with DAVTRAX you can!

What used to be difficult, expensive, time-consuming and resource-consuming can become with our help a less caring and even a method of saving. DAVTRAX soil protection panels can be easily loaded, unloaded and handled, safely and in optimal time.

Now, with a single shipment, products can be provided to cover land areas from 500 to over 2500 sqm, depending on the type of boards ordered.

Designed for the construction of temporary roads and work platforms, DAVTRAX boards for covering delicate or difficult surfaces have dimensions optimized for transport in maximum safety. The efficiency of transport is also guaranteed by carrying it out within prompt deadlines, directly from existing stocks.

types of clients

Temporary access to infrastructure objectives
Construction sites
Construction sites, platforms and on-site pathway solutions
Concerts, sports competitions Outdoor fairs and exhibitions, Pedestrian access roads
Temporary platforms
storage spaces and production halls
Access to photovoltaic and wind farms, electrification networks, in the area of landfills
Projects built with Davtrax panels