Dimensions 3000 x 2400 mm
Weight 290 kg
Material HDPE Polietilenă de înaltă densitate 100% reciclabil
Load borne 100 tons (depending on ground)
Color Standard negru
Transport per truck 80 panes, equivalent to 600mp
Area 7.5mp
Height 37mm
Maintenance Easy to clean after use

DAVTRAX HP Panels – for stable work areas on uneven ground.

DAVTRAX HP panels create a stable work area on uneven ground, being used in a wide range of areas to provide temporary access, construction of temporary parking lots, for access to heavy construction and transportation equipment.

The boards are equipped with a non-slip profile, and the installation of the DAVTRAX HP panels is made by flexible connections made of resistant steel. These panels are created for heavy loads. The HP DAVTRAX system creates a safe access and ground protection area for access roads on construction sites or as a riding platform for cranes. The boards ensure an optimal load distribution and can generally be used on flat surfaces The joining of the panels is done by screwing, offering a good stability both in length and in width, regardless of the type of road or work platform.

The advantages of HP DAVTRAX panels

Compared to other types of temporary boards, HP DAVTRAX panels are easier to transport by truck or container. Transport costs are considerably reduced by loading a larger number of plates for each transport. DAVTRAX boards are TÜV tested products and have a service life of up to 15 years, under conditions of use as specified.