Dimensions 3000x2500
Weight 295 kg
Material HDPE 100% recyclable high density polyethylene
Load borne 300 tones
Color Black
Transport per truck 80 panels, equivalent to 600sqm
Area 7.5mp
Height 46mm total; 38 mm
Maintenance Easy to clean after use

DAVTRAX X panels – protect the ground in the construction of roads and temporary work platforms

The DAVTRAX H soil protection panels are used for the construction of roads and temporary work platforms, access roads on construction sites, the widening of the road or as storage surfaces, but also as a riding platform for cranes. They are also used for temporary parking and ensure the protection of sensitive surfaces, such as slabs of natural stone or concrete, athletics tracks in stadiums, etc. With the help of DAVTRAX H panels, an optimal load distribution is ensured and can generally be used on flat surfaces. Thus, the boards help to increase the resistance of the soil and reduce the possibility of cracks The terrain does not degrade The DAVTRAX H floor protection panels allow safe access from the moment of installation.

Advantages of DAVTRAX X panels

DAVTRAX H panels are easier to transport by truck or container. Transport costs are considerably reduced DAVTRAX H panels are TÜV tested products and have a service life of up to 15 years, under conditions of use according to specifications.