Dimensions 4000 x 2000 mm Gross; 3800 x 1800 mm Net
Weight 360 kg
Material HDPE 100% recyclable high density polyethylene
Load borne 500 tons (depending on soil type)
Color Standard Sand
Transport per truck 55 panels
Area 6.84mp
Height 102 mm total; 94 mm useful
Maintenance Easy to clean after use

DAVTRAX X panels – innovative system for temporary roads

DAVTRAX X panels bring a different technology and an innovative system in the field of temporary roads guaranteeing an increased resistance,
in dramatic soil conditions (wet, unstable, muddy ground). The DAVTRAX X access system ensures a special flexibility and a high resistance, being made differently from the other types of boards. They are based on a sandwich system with integrated foam cores in a honeycomb interior structure. These cores allow the use of boards even in extreme temperature conditions, because they can increase the interior volume of the panels, thus an extremely high load-bearing capacity and efficiency.

Advantages of DAVTRAX X panels.

The innovative DAVTRAX X panel overlap and interpenetration system guarantees a stable and solid work surface right from the moment of installation They are an optimal solution for any type of heavy vehicle access, including senile, but also a guaranteed working surface for riding cranes.