Dimensions 2000 x 1000 mm; 1900 x 900 mm Net
Weight 40,2 kg
Material HDPE 100% recyclable high density polyethylene
Load borne 40 tones
Color Standard black
Transport per truck 640 panels
Area 2mp
Height 30 mm
Maintenance Easy to clean after use

DAVTRAX Stage boards – construction of temporary roads and outdoor events on the lawn

The essential advantage of DAVTRAX Stage panels is that they can be mounted manually, without any additional equipment, by two people who can handle and position at least 60 boards in one hour. DAVTRAX Stage panels are intended especially for lawn events, but also for construction, temporary parking, storage spaces and pedestrian traffic.

Advantages of DAVTRAX Stage panels

Their versatility is ensured by the profiled surface of the tiles which makes them useful for very diverse fields. DAVTRAX Stage panels are easy to handle and transport It is easy to clean after use.