Dimensions 9300 x 1230 mm / roll
Weight 25 kg
Material HDPE 100% recyclable high density polyethylene
Load borne 250lg
Color Standard black
Transport per truck 2600mp
Area 11.44 mp
Height 12mm
Maintenance Easy to clean after use

DAVTRAX PP boards – protect the lawn regardless of the organized event

DAVTRAX PP panels provide another useful tool for outdoor event organizers, being a highly efficient product for lawn protection in parks, stadiums or other flat, grass-covered surfaces.

Advantages of DAVTRAX PP

The functionality of this type of plate is ensured by the flexible and adaptable surface The plates can be handled and stored as a roll. DAVTRAX PP panels are efficient for transport – more than 2600sqm can be transported in a single truck. Equipped with an easy-to-use assembly system, DAVTRAX PP are made of recycled plastic with UV protection.