Dimensions 1280 x 800 mm Gross; 1160 x 760 mm Net
Weight 32 kg
Material HDPE 100% recyclable high density polyethylene
Load borne 20 tonnes (depending on soil type)
Color Standard black
Transport per truck 720 panels
Area 0.88mp
Height 43 mm
Maintenance Easy to clean after use

MiniDAVTRAX panels: pedestrian traffic construction, stage substructures and storage spaces

MiniDAVTRAX panels have been specially designed for high pedestrian traffic or as substructures for stages and storage spaces. They are ideal as temporary sidewalks or as temporary access roads. The tiles can be mounted especially on land covered with grass, cubic stone, pavements of various types or gravel.


The advantages of MiniDAVTRAX panels


The weight resistance and the profiled surface of the plates offer high stability, thus allowing access with cars or small machines. Transport is one of the advantages of MiniDAVTRAX panels, as up to 700 boards can be loaded and transported in a single truck. This amount of 700 tiles can cover up to 600sqm of land. The handling and joining of the panels is also easily done by one or two people, without the need for tools, implements or equipment. As with other DAVTRAX panels, the surface covered by these products offers a high degree of safety, stability and comfort.