About us

DAVTRAX – 20 years of experience in the construction market

We operate on the modular road construction market and the creation of temporary access routes, with implications in the scope of organizing events and exhibitions. Everything since 1995.

The ability to continuously adapt to the needs of our customers has led to the orientation towards the solutions offered by DAVTRAX products since 1995. The definition of the identity of the company, the choice of the field of activity and the products offered took place against the background of a continuous development over more than 20 years.

DAVTRAX products – fast and efficient solutions for temporary access paths

We provide a full range of solutions: lawn protection, road solutions and temporary work platforms for various industries, as well as temporary roads for machines over 500 t.

Compared to traditional solutions (concrete slabs, cement paving, gravel, etc.), all DAVTRAX soil and floor protection panels are an ecological and competitive alternative. They protect the soil and help you save valuable time for transport and handling.

What projects can you use DAVTRAX panels for?

DAVTRAX panels guarantee great stability in operation to any type of vehicle or machine. They can be used in the construction of:

  • Pedestrian roads
  • Parking
  • Storage surfaces
  • Car access and heavy machinery
  • Cranes on construction sites
  • Access to wells and wind farms
  • Work platforms in wet, sandy or hard to reach areas.


Our team has over 15 years of experience in project organization and management in areas such as events, construction, oil and gas, wind energy, agriculture and defense industry.

Your project, DAVTRAX priority

Do you have an infrastructure project or an event where you must provide access with heavy machinery, cars or pedestrians? Do you have a budget and limited time? Do you always need to feel the ground under your feet? Then definitely DAVTRAX has a solution for you.

types of clients

Temporary access to infrastructure objectives
Construction sites
Construction sites, platforms and on-site pathway solutions
Concerts, sports competitions Outdoor fairs and exhibitions, Pedestrian access roads
Temporary platforms
storage spaces and production halls
Access to photovoltaic and wind farms, electrification networks, in the area of landfills
Projects built with Davtrax panels